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Enable Developer Tab in Excel | Microsoft Excel

Developer Tab is hidden by default and should be enabled by user from the "Customize the Ribbon" window.

Below steps to be followed to enable Developer Tab in Excel-

Step - 01: Under File tab > go to Options > select Customize Ribbon.

Step - 02: Under Customize the Ribbon > choose Main Tabs from the dropdown > check✓ the Developer check box.

Step - 03: Click Save button to make the changes effective.

Once user check✓ the Developer check box and save the changes, the Developer Tab stays visible until user manually uncheck the Developer check box. This will give access to advanced features like macros/VBA and other supporting tools. Under this tab, you will find-

  • Recording macros and creating shortcuts.

  • Creating buttons to run macros.

  • Editing an existing macro with Visual Basic.

  • Plug Add-ins to use in excel.

  • Tools like drop-box, combo box, label, check box, scroll bar, list box, option button, spinner used in creating the dashboards on excel sheets.

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